Healthy Women! - Healthy Lives!

Over the decades Health concerns have been on the rise, to the point that health is one of United Nations’ millennium development goals. In the same spirit the government of Cameroon reveres individual and community well-being to the extent that she has dedicated a whole ministry: ‘Ministry of Sports and Physical Education’ to promote health and physical fitness. A research paper on health reveals that regular physical activity greatly enhances improved health, physical fitness, and overall well-being. It equally contributes to developing social skills, intellectual capacities, and creativity, produces a more disciplined attitude and improved self-esteem.

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 30th edition of the International Women’s Day; and in support of the Cameroon government’s vision, Canem Consulting, an outstanding consultant in social and cultural affairs, under the over side of Dr. Annie Smith, gathered women from all over the city of Douala and beyond, to take part in a keep-fit exercise. The exercise kicked off at 6pm on Wednesday, 5th March, at the O’ sport Complex, in Bonapriso, Douala with various dance exercises.

The women were educated the on the health benefits and the necessity of the physical fitness of the woman, and its contribution to a complete state of physical, mental, social well-being and by implication the wellbeing of the home, the family and the nation as a whole. Testimonies from some women advocated that this exercise was a vital re-awakening to the lifestyle of wellness, improved self-esteem and a disciplined attitude, which they had abandoned for several years.

The team leader, in the person of Dr. Annie Smith, gave some closing remarks. Participants took pictures and equally received T-shirts from a brewery company.



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