Home Care Training

In Commemoration of the International Women's Day 2015

The home is the basic unit of the society. It is the womb that inculcates and nurtures refined qualities necessary for stability, growth and development of a nation. The woman in her administrative role of managing the affairs of the home, more often than not, is faced with several challenges, which for the most part have a financial bearing. Economic empowerment of the rural and urban woman is very vital for the sustainable growth and development of the home and the society at large.

In this light, in partnership with the Ministry of Women Empowerment for the Promotion and Protection of the Family, on the occasion of the 30th edition of the International Women's Day, Canem Consulting together with AWINA (African Women International Network Association) an organization that has as vision to build a world free from gender disparity in all strata of society; a just equitable and sustainable world, where the woman and girl child has a voice, resources, choices and the opportunity to walk in their human rights and privileges, gathered over sixty women, young girls and some men nationwide in the nation's economic capital city of Douala, to receive home care training under the theme ‘Rule your world'.

Under the patronage of Dr. Annie Smith, in view of capacity building and enhancement of the industrious nature of the woman, some experts tutored participants on the production of some basic home necessities like, Vaseline ointment, vinegar, disinfectants and bleach. The women were made to understand that they could rule their world through their feminine and motherly intuition, intrusion and passion to bring the desired change in the world, without necessarily sitting in an office. Testimonies of self-employment, economic empowerment and sustainable growth and development abounded amidst others.

Remarks from some men who accompanied their wives lauded the exercise as a brilliant initiative to sensitize and re-orient the woman on the significance of the day and its contribution to harmony. Each participant left with a bottle of all three items as a gift from Canem.



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