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AFRIC’OR Festival is an annual celebration of the African heritage and culture, as well as original diversities, organised on the occasion of the annual African Industrialisation Day celebration, commemorated on the 20th of November. The festival is aimed at valorizing socio-cultural diversity through various forms of expression (music, dance, sculpture, theatre, painting, photography etc.)

 Our objectives include

  • To showcase Africa’s multiplicity and socio-cultural diversity through varied forms of arts (music, dance, circus, theatre, painting, photography, etc.).
  • To assert the riches of the African and Cameroonian culture.         
  • To explore the African and Cameroonian cultural, artistic and culinary potentials.
  • To reward the best works of African originality.

Besides the hidden value attached to sounds, the African culture equally attaches a symbolic meaning to colours and each colour conveys peculiar information when worn or displayed at significant places or situations


AFRIC’OR Festival 2013: "Sounds and Colours of Africa” 


AFRIC’OR Festival 2017: "Africa: Cradle or Meeting Point of Civilizations.


Visit the website at  www.africorcameroon.org


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